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Welcome to Oakland

Northeastern is a leader in experience-driven education and use inspired research. Northeastern University Oakland is the newest undergraduate campus in Northeastern’s global network, offering academic programs and experiential learning opportunities that reflect the buzzing entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay Area. Formerly Mills College, our Oakland campus continues to carry forward Mills’ focus on gender equity and social justice. Together they provide new opportunities for global experience and personalized learning.

Undergraduate students who earn their degrees in Oakland will have the opportunity to pursue majors and combined majors that prepare them to join the Bay Area community of innovators, ready to make an impact. With the support of a robust global network behind them, there are no limits to what Northeastern students can achieve. 

Undergraduate students who enroll at NU Oakland and prefer to transition to Northeastern’s Boston campus may do so after completing their first year in Oakland. 

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Hosted by our admissions team, your campus visit experience will offer a firsthand look at life as a Northeastern student in Oakland. Join us to learn more about our experience-powered approach to education and have your questions answered. 

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Northeastern University Oakland students can pursue a variety of interdisciplinary degree programs positioned at the intersection of technology, healthcare, science, and business.

Majors available in Oakland: 

  • Behavioral Neuroscience (College of Science) 
  • Biology (College of Science) 
  • Business Administration (D’Amore McKim School of Business) 
  • Computer Science (Khoury College of Computer Sciences) 
  • Health Science (Bouvé College of Health Sciences)
  • Politics, Philosophy, Economics (College of Social Sciences and Humanities)
  • Psychology (College of Science) 
  • Public Health (Bouvé College of Health Sciences) 

Offerings also include Northeastern’s signature combined majors: 

    • Behavioral Neuroscience and Design
    • Business Administration Communication Studies 
    • Business Administration and Design 
    • Business Administration and Psychology
    • Business Administration and Public Health
    • Computer Science and Behavioral Neuroscience
    • Computer Science and Biology 
    • Computer Science and Business Administration 
    • Computer Science and Communication Studies 
    • Computer Science and Design 
    • Computer Science and Economics 
    • Computer Science and Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
    • Economics and Business Administration
    • Economics and Psychology
    • Health Science and Business Administration
    • Health Science and Communication Studies 
    • Health Science and Psychology
    • Politics, Philosophy, Economics, and Business Administration
    • Public Health and Communication Studies

    For students considering their academic opportunities, Discover Oakland embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay Area, bringing students to the intersection of technology, business, healthcare, and science. Throughout the year, dedicated programming will be offered to provide insight and understanding into the majors available at the Oakland campus and create opportunities to interact with faculty and current students in those fields. Students will also gain insights into industry-related outcomes.


    Academic Program Offerings

    Northeastern University Oakland students will complete academic programs that feature the same core curriculum requirements as degrees offered at our Boston campus. Click here to see our full offering of courses for the 2023-2024 academic year. Learn more about the NU Oakland faculty and staff here.

    Experiential Learning 

    Experiential learning is central to a Northeastern education, with co-op, research, and global opportunities available to all students no matter where they study. Oakland students will participate in a specially developed experiential entrepreneurship curriculum relevant to their academic program. Developed by Northeastern faculty, these project-based courses offer students the chance to engage with three context-driven themes: food security; technology, ethics, and creativity; and health and wellness. Whether students are interested in starting their own business or bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to their field, Oakland students will graduate ready to innovate. 

      Oakland Campus

      Northeastern University Oakland is an urban oasis with 135 acres of lush green space in one of California’s most diverse and dynamic cities. The Oakland campus benefits from the rich culture of downtown Oakland and San Francisco, and is situated less than an hour away from the buzzing entrepreneurship of Silicon Valley.

      Student Life  

      Northeastern’s Oakland campus is home to 25+ student clubs and organizations. The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Excellence is the hub of student activities in Oakland. The center helps students join or create student clubs and organizations, supports student government, develops and hosts campus events, and offers inclusive leadership development opportunities grounded in social justice. Students will have the opportunity to meet new people, find new hobbies, and be a part of something in Oakland.  

      Northeastern University Oakland offers a variety of intramural and clubs sports from soccer to ultimate frisbee. Students will have access to a wide range of group fitness classes including yoga, spin, and self-defense as well as open gym/pool opportunities. Oakland provides a beautiful outdoor setting for recreation of all kinds.  


      Undergraduates who enter as first-year students in Oakland through fall admission will live in university housing during their first and second years unless a global experience or co-op experience takes them outside of Oakland. Students who choose to continue their studies in Oakland for the remainder of their program and who meet annual housing application and deposit deadlines will have guaranteed university housing in Oakland for four years.

      Students who choose to transition to the Boston campus for their second year will be guaranteed one year of university housing in Boston for their second year. University housing in Boston for students in their third year and beyond is limited and on a space-available basis. These students live in a mix of university and off-campus housing in Boston or participate in co-op, study abroad, or learning opportunities outside of Boston.


      Our Oakland campus dining options are not only delicious, but also environmentally sustainable. Much of our food is made with seasonal ingredients from local farms (including a community farm located on campus), so our chefs can cook from scratch and keep dishes fresh and healthy. Meals are served cafeteria-style at Founders Commons or cafe-style at the Tea Shop. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      For answers to the most frequently asked NU Oakland questions, check out our Northeastern University Oakland FAQs. For additional questions please contact

      Next Steps for Admitted Students

      Welcome to NU Oakland

      We are excited to welcome admitted NU Oakland students! All students who enroll at NU Oakland in the Fall of 2024 will be able to directly transition to Northeastern’s Boston campus after completing their first year in Oakland. Students who would prefer to continue their studies in Oakland will have the opportunity to complete their program in the Bay Area.



      Enrollment Information

      Steps to Enroll

      To submit your deposit and officially enroll at Northeastern University Oakland, follow the steps below: 

      • Log into your Application Status Check. You will need to enter your NUID (which can be found on your acceptance letter) and your birth date in order to log in. 
      • Select “Northeastern University Oakland Enrollment Deposit”. 
      • Once you click “Submit” you will receive a confirmation email. 

      Deposit Deadlines

      Your  enrollment deposit can be submitted through your Application Status Check. Please note that enrollment deposits are non-refundable.

      • Early Decision admits – Please refer to your decision letter
      • Early Action and Regular Decision admits – May 1  

      Documents Needed to Submit

      After you submit your deposit and before departing for your fall semester, please request that the following information (if applicable) is sent to the address below:  

      • Final high school transcript (required) 
      • Advanced Placement test results 
      • International Baccalaureate exam results 
      • New or updated SAT/ACT scores (optional) 
      • Official secondary school national exam results 
      • College transcripts from any previously completed coursework 

      Mail this information to: 
      Office of Undergraduate Admissions Application Processing Center
      Northeastern University
      P.O. Box 8210
      Portsmouth, NH 03802

      Northeastern University Oakland supports healthy living in a variety of ways. As a student, you have access to the Student Health Center and our fitness center and athletic facilities. You can also connect with a network of campus and community resources. Additional information can be found here

      Northeastern University Oakland provides advising, advocacy, and all necessary accommodations to help students with various abilities thrive at Northeastern. Available services include, but are not limited to: 

      • Text-to-speech screen readers 
      • Student note takers 
      • Document conversion to Braille, e-books, and audio files 
      • Extra time on exams or assignments 
      • Distraction-free exam rooms 
      • Use of a computer during exams or lectures 
      • Accommodations for service animals and emotional support animals

        Additional information can be found here.  

            All students must adhere to the Northeastern Code of Student Conduct.

            Admitted Students

            Campus Transition Opportunities 

            Northeastern University Oakland undergraduate students enrolling in the Fall of 2024 are able to transition to Northeastern’s Boston campus after their first year of study, no matter their academic program. Students who would prefer to continue their studies in Oakland will have the opportunity to complete their program in the Bay Area.

            Cost and Payment

            Visit our cost and aid page for estimated costs for the 2023-2024 academic year by enrollment program. We encourage you to use one of our financial calculators included on the page to understand your estimated costs better. Please note that all estimates are subject to Board of Trustee approval.


            Financial Aid

            • Financing your education shouldn’t be complicated. The Office of Student Financial Services is available to help you navigate the forms, terminology, numbers, and deadlines associated with applying for and receiving financial aid. 
            • Northeastern meets the full demonstrated need of students eligible for federal aid. Whether through a scholarship or need-based grant, we provide you with the means to take the next step toward your future. That’s the Northeastern Promise.  
            • Please review the Office of Student Financial Services website for important information on deadlines and required forms.  
            • Click here to contact the Office of Student Financial Services or +1.617.373.3190. 

            Payment Methods

            The Office of Student Financial Services offers various payment methods by which your tuition bills can be paid. Additionally, several payment plans exist for families who would like to explore this option to finance their student’s time at Northeastern. 

            Contact Us

            If you have additional questions please contact us at


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